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We are proud to provide you with a step by step video on how to repair the CVT Transmission your self. You can find it here.

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This is a 48 minute video that will go over the 8 most common problems with the CVT transmission and how to diagnosis it, as well as the correct teardown and reassembly of the transmission. This is two and a half years of my dealing with and learning the ins and outs of the CVT Trangesmission for the MINI Cooper 02′ to 06′ and if it is a convertible to 08″. Buy the video  and start fixing the CVT’s and make money for your self. Everything you need to know is included and updated weekly. Also buy CVT Parts! If your a shop I can not stress enough how valuable this tool is. It will pay for itself on the first job! Then you can start advertising the you are one of the few that can successful  rebuild the CVT Transmission.

Here is a Testimonial of one of the many satisfied customers:


You were right it was simply stuck in x mode.

I had to drive it several miles to the highway revving up and down it would only shift out of low at redline 6000 rpms. I was waiting for the rubber band to snap but the little four survived. It took a total of 6 pulls to almost 90 mph coasting to a stop almost each time and finally on the 21 first mile from my shop it came out of x mode. It didn’t feel quite right so I grabbed my laptop at the shop and went back to the highway cleared adaption values one more time and it retrained itself on the first try. I’m not sure what scrambled it so bad the several attempts beforehand but you were correct.

It definitely feels different shift wise from when we got the car at 10000 miles. It used to have a higher stall before almost like a high stall converter would free wheel. Reverse was also somewhat jerky. It seems to engage sooner at partial throttle take off and reverse is not jerky at all. My wife won’t notice any of it at this point and maybe their will be a little more solitude in my world.

You provided excellent support of your products and services with immediate attention that very few companies offer anymore.
We are both in service related businesses and you are one of the few people like myself that realize success equals support.
Thanks Again!


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Welcome to MINI Cooper CVT Transmission rebuild. Rebuilding a MINI Cooper CVT transmission is not a easy task, I have had to repair many other transmission shops work. There is a special procedure to disassemble and to reassemble a CVT Transmission if you do not know that proceedure you will damage the transmission. If you are a customer do not take it to someone that says they can do it. Ask them if they have rebuilt one before and have had success. Usually what happens is the shop says oh yeah we can do it, then they break a lot of parts taking it appart. then the end result is you don’t have your car for two months and you end up paying for the job twice to get it done right. If you have Questions about a rebuild Please send me an mail at

My Name is Ben